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sublime auto save & tab size
code auto save
if i want to save all last edit code automatically

Go> preferences > setting > 
Right side window [user]

   "tab_size": 3,
   "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
   "detect_indentation": false
save & close window...
Sublime not showing folder structure

view > side bar > show side bar
sublime License
YouTube link
It is working well...

sublime [enter]
How to input new line character in Find and Replace field

Ctrl+enter, [replace place]
or you can turn on regex mode and enter a
Sublime: Package List
First : Tools/Install Package Controlles
Preference/package control...
1) Laravel Blade Highlighter
2) Laravel Blade AutoComplete
3) Bootstrap4 autocomplete
4) HTMLBeautify
5) Terminus