Title Code
Moodle install

php extension  intl
path php/php.ini
add 4 line
extension= php_intl.dll
intl.default_locale = en_utf8
intl.error_level = E_WARNING

php_extension	soap
path php/php.ini


php_extension	sodium

php_setting		opcache.enable


go to : apache2/php.ini

;max_input_vars = 1000

max_input_vars = 5000

This site can't be reached during installation

go to XAMPP-Cotroll and open Apache->Config->httpd.conf
and add
<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
   ThreadStackSize 8888888

to the end
Theme install
theme install
We choose now spae 2.1.3 version theme.

Go to
Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins > Choose a file... > Upload a file (zip file) > Upload this file
Wait some time

Now select the space theme on this moodle as default

Go to
Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme selector > Default(Boost) Change theme > 	
Space (2.1.2) (Use theme) > Continue

Unzip the Space file the Paste the project "Theme folder"

the end
Purge caches
Dashboard > Site administration > Development > Purge caches > Purge all caches
Uninstall theme plugin
If you uninstall "Space" theme plugin

Site administration > Plugins > Plugins overview
N:B: but you don't see the Action's uninstall option. Because you already use this plugin.
So select default theme(Classic) then you see the action's uninstall option.
Theme settings
Logo add
Navbar color add
Navbar option add

etc all setting go to

Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme settings
Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme > Space > Top Bar
Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme settings > Custom menu items
Add hero image
Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Space 
Left side chose Block #3 (Hero image)

Right side Turn on and add image bellow
Language add
Site administration > Language > Language packs > Select > language and install