Title Code
	Question:											Answer/Code

	cmd background & font color 					color 0A
	List of color:										color/?	or color ?
	Default color 										color
	Clear all											cls

	-->Folder/File Matter<--
	make folder 										mkdir folderName
	make file  											echo >fileName.extension
	make file with text  							echo text >fileName.extension
	write extra text to the file 					echo text >>fileName.extension
	copy text to another file 						copy sourceFile targetFile
	copy all file & folder details in text 	dir >> fileName.extension
	see all file this folder						dir
	show all file with hidden						dir/a
	open/read file on window						tabButton continue for see file/video/audio name [enter]
															or type file name then [enter]
	read text file in Command Prompt 			type fileName.extension

	rename folderName 								move Name.extension targetFileName.extension [move a.txt b.txt]
	rename fileName 									move fileName.extension targetFileName.extension [move a.txt b.txt]
	First Name  [this word edit easily] 		cd First Name [Ctrl -> or <-]

	Delete folder when empty						rmdir folderName
	Delete folder when have file					rmdir /s folderName
	delete file 										del fileName.extension

	**[Other action]**
	Move folder											cd folderName
	move folder without type  						cd tabButton continue & enter
	move folder without type & filter			cd folderFirstWord tabButton continue
	Ex: a1, a2, b1, b2  [type: cd b TAB continue] Output: b1, b2
	Move a folder to another folder 				move folderName destinationFolderName
	back from folder 									cd..	or cd ..
	two step back folder 							cd ../..
	list a particular type							dir *.extension
	Desk name list 									wmic logicaldisk get name
															Output: C: D: E: F: G:
	Move any Drive this pc 							driveName: 			Ex: D:  or E:
	Folder structure with tree 					tree

	c programming file run 							gcc hello.c   
															automatically create a random new file.exe,
															type file name and enter.
	Edit c random ficompile file name 			gcc -o chooseName file.c
															then ckooseName & enter
delete forder
Blank folder
rmdir folder

Folder have data
rm -r  folderName